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Sudanese Worshippers

In the summer of 2012, several African immigrants from South Sudan under the leadership of John Ater approached Resurrection Lutheran because they were seeking a new worship home and believed they would be very comfortable in a Lutheran congregation. The membership of Resurrection was delighted to welcome them and a wonderful relationship has developed.

The Sudanese were eager to learn more about Lutheran theology, so Pastor Peters offered instruction using Luther's Small Catechism. On Easter Sunday, 2013, 57 people in this community joined Resurrection Lutheran Church, 9 by baptism. More will be taking instruction in the months ahead.

On most Sundays the Sudanese has a 1:00 worship service in Dinka, but approximately once every two months a combined service in English and Dinka is held at 10:30.

In many congregations, the outreach to an immigrant community results in the formation of a separate congregation, but this is not the model that has been followed at Resurrection. We are a single congregation with two services, one in English and the other in Dinka, on most Sundays. The Sudanese are full members of a single congregation participating in Voters meetings, youth events, fellowship activities, and more.

The Sudanese are under the guidance of John Ater. He may be reached at 502-436-0622. His email is uscchurch@gmail.com.

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Matthew 28:19